4 Types of Tooth Pain & What They Might Mean

1. Momentary temperature sensitivity that subsides within a few moments, during meals or while drinking. Causes of momentary temperature sensitivity can include untreated tooth decay, a receding gum line, or a loose filling.

2. Lingering temperature sensitivity, felt during meals or while drinking, that lasts for hours. This pain often points to serious decay that has reached deep down into the tooth socket.

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3. You’re experiencing a dull but persistent aching localised around one or more teeth.  Usually, this type of pain is localised to one tooth, but it can feel as though multiple teeth are affected, especially when an infection and swelling are already present.

4. You’re experiencing an intense throbbing pain radiating throughout your mouth or deep into your jaw. This level of pain, more often than not, means there is exposed tooth pulp and a bad infection or abscess.