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4 Things You Should Know About Daily Vitamin D Intake

The normal level of Vitamin D in blood is considered to be 8,000-9,000IU. Anyone with Vitamin D levels below this limit is considered to be insufficient in this vitamin, while anyone with Vitamin D levels over this limit is said to have an excessive quantity of this vitamin in their blood. However, medical experts are yet to come to a consensus regarding the amount of this vitamin that is essential for the body.

The required intake of this vitamin D may vary depending on age and health conditions.

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For people with little or no exposure to the sun, 2000IU of vitamin D per day is essential for them. However, the experts are divided over the required intake of the vitamin in this context, with some experts recommending that 400-800IU per day is sufficient for people of this category.

It is prescribed that you get plenty of sun exposure over and above your daily intake of the vitamin through your daily diet.