4 STI Tests You Can Get Done Through The Pinky Promise App

1. Hepatitis C:  Hepatitis C or HCV antibody test, also known as anti-HCV, checks for the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus in your bloodstream.

2. Syphilis:  This test analyses the presence of antibodies of syphilis, the most common type of STI, in your blood.

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Chlamydia (IgG):  Chlamydia IgG Antibody Test, also referred to as Anti-Chlamydia Antibodies IgG Test measures the presence and level of Anti-Chlamydia Antibodies IgG in your blood.

Chlamydia (IgA):  Chlamydia IgA Antibody Test detects the presence of IgA antibodies that develop in response to active chlamydia infection (one of the most common types of STI).