4 Steps To Apply Concealer Like A Pro


The Channel 46 caught up with the Founder & CEO of Typsy Beauty, Kairavi Bharat Ram, who talks about the benefits & types of concealers, & advises you on how to use one like a pro.

Step 1: Prep Your Skin Thoroughly cleansing & hydrating the skin sets the stage for a smooth canvas to work on.

Step 2: Master The Placement  Be quite precise with the placement of the concealer. Invest in a small slanted brush or use your ring finger to go about it.

Step 3: Know How To Apply Just as important as having the perfectly matched formula in your arsenal is knowing how to apply it correctly.

Step 4: Set It To Perfection Sweep on a light, oil-absorbing setting powder to set your  concealer in place, so that it  lasts all day.