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4-Step Process For Removing Nail Colour With A Remover

Nail paint removers contain chemicals that can be harsh on your nail and skin. Make sure to follow the instructions given on the bottle. Also, avoid frequent use of nail paint and nail polish to maintain the health of your nail beds. When it comes to nail paint removers, you have two options- acetone-based and non- acetone based. While acetone-based removers do a better and quicker job, non-acetone-based removers are a safer bet for the sake of the health of your nails.

1. Soak the cotton ball in the remover and use it to scrub off the nail paint. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated room to reduce the chances of inhaling harmful chemicals.

2 Once the nail paint is removed, make sure to wash your hands to get rid of residual nail paint remover.

3. Apply a cuticle serum or oil.

4. Follow by using a nourishing hand moisturiser.

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