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4 Simple Home Hacks To Fix Static Hair Instantly

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks like you’ve been in a fight after you take off your cap or hood? Or perhaps you may have noticed how your hair strands seem to lift up in the morning when you wake up. Well, this happens due to static hair. This common hair care issue can make your hair appear messy and unmanageable. Fortunately, there are a number of simple solutions to keep your hair from becoming static. But before we take a look at those solutions, let’s find out what are the main static hair causes.

4 Simple Home Hacks To Fix Static Hair Instantly

1. Ionic Hair Dryers

Use ionic hair dryers instead of regular ones. Ionic hair dryers emit negative ions that cling to positively charged counterparts. This leads to neutralising, thus balancing the electrons in your hair. The friction is decreased and your hair remains static-free.

2. Leave-In Conditioners And Hairspray

Use a light leave-in conditioner or hairspray to reduce static hair in winter.  These anti-static hair products can help by locking in the moisture of your hair and eliminating existing static. The changes in climatic conditions during different seasons can also lead to an increase in hair static.

3. Moisturising Hair Products

Since dry hair tends to be more prone to hair static, using moisturising shampoo for static hair, conditioners, masks and serums can help tackle this problem effectively. Look for anti-static hair products with ingredients like shea butter, avocado, coconut milk, and banana. These ingredients can be very effective in keeping your hair soft and moisturised, especially during winters.

4. Switch To Wooden Or Metallic Combs

Plastic combs may increase the problem of static hair. Use wooden, ceramic or metallic combs instead. Metallic combs are highly effective in picking static from the hair. You may also invest in anti-static combs that are designed to eliminate hair static.

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