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4 Rituals Followed On Narak Chaturdashi

1. Early Morning Holy Dip

Being the harvest festival, people massage themselves with herbal oils like til (sesame) oil before taking a holy bath, known as abhyanga snan, early in the morning in a sacred river. It is believed that this oil will protect them from the clutches of misfortune and poverty by washing away sins and negative vibes. It is also said that this improves blood circulation and also improves the health and texture of the skin. Alternatively, a paste made from besan, kesar oil, milk, some aromatic oil, haldi, and chandan can be massaged all over the body as an ubtan before washing it away with cold water.

2. Dressing Up In New Clothes

As on all auspicious days, wearing new clothes and ornaments after a holy bath is mandatory. It signifies new beginnings, a fresh and positive start to the year ahead. And it is the same for this auspicious day as well. That apart, Choti Diwali rangoli is an essential element of the festivities.

3. Worship Lord Krishna

Paying obeisance to Lord Krishna by offering mantras and flowers is considered essential to receive his divine blessings. Some devotees also offer respect to the deity of their clan to overcome negative forces.

4. Tantrics Should Learn Mantras

Some believe that people who want to be associated with tantric activities should initiate themselves to learning the relevant mantras on this day.

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