4 Reasons Why The Morning-After Pill To Prevent STIs Is Still In The Dark


1. Antibiotic Resistance Is A Global Reality Antibiotic resistance is a grave reality across the world. Hence, people taking doxyPEP may experience the same problems as it is an antibiotic too

2. Studies Conducted Only On Gay Men & Trans Women These sections of the population were consciously chosen as they are the most at risk of contracting STIs.

3. Lack Of Consensus About Possible Risks There seems to be a lack of consensus if the drug would be able to balance the risk of antibiotic resistance with the risks of sexually transmitted infections.

4. Question On Its Efficacy Doxycycline PEP, unlike doxycycline, is for preventive measures and not for treating STIs, the apprehensive lingers at the back of the mind of medical experts.