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4 Light Decor Ideas For Christmas

1. Layer Up Lighting A lot of times, we are always confused about lighting. How to decorate and make your home aesthetically pleasing? Well, just like in fashion for winter wear, with lights it is all about layering.

2. Hang Icicle Lights Above Windows Frosted icicle is one light that speaks Christmas all over. For the windows these seem to be the most appropriate lighting and adds the right vibe to the decor as well.

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3. Create A Candlelit Glow Fragrances and lights are all about Christmas, so if you are looking for a Pinterest feels corner in your house for the Christmas decorations – scented candles are a great add-on to the decor.

4. Minimalistic Decor So, this is all about decorations and decor, right? But keep one thing in mind just to make everything pleasing and beautiful, try to not over do anything. Minimalism is the new cool..