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4 Lifestyle Changes To Prevent The Onset Of Osteoporosis

The Raaz actor Bipaha Basu was diagnosed with osteoporosis way back in 2012. She decided to take control of her life by keeping her weight under check through a rigorous weight training fitness routine. She has spoken at several interviews about how her medical condition is a life-long one and has to be kept under control through therapy.

Follow A Balanced Diet A good quality diet plays a vital role in preventing osteoporosis as it helps to prevent obesity. Extra weight puts additional strain on the bones, which can then cause bone fractures. Besides the essential green vegetables and fruits, it is vital to have adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, and zinc in the diet, so that there is good calcium absorption and deposition. As a person ages, it is best to have regular vitamin D supplements for calcium absorption, especially when recommended by a specialist.

Regular Exercise Staying active is the key to maintaining our bone mass. With age, it becomes essential to stay physically active as it can help the body stay fit and avoid unnecessary health complications. In fact, according to a study from the University of Colorado, taking a combination of calcium and vitamin D appears to protect the bones from exercise-related deterioration.

Consume Vitamin D Supplements With the high pollution level, it has become difficult for humans to get their required quota of sunlight. Add to this the fact that during the pandemic, many of us never left our homes, which would have impacted the Vitamin D levels in our bodies.

Do Not Smoke There is no doubt that smoking causes early osteoporosis and delays fracture healing. Both first and second-hand smoke adversely affects bone mass, and smoking cessation can effectively reverse the effect of smoking and improve bone health.

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