4 Landmark Judgements In Favour Of Women In 2022

Non-Consensual Sex In A Marital Relationship Is Akin To Rape It ruled that forced intercourse by a husband on his wife will be recognised as rape under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act.

Every Woman Has The Right To A Safe & Legal Abortion A three-judge bench that comprised Justice D Y Chandrachud, A S Bopanna, and J B Pardiwala on September 29 of 2022 stated that every woman in India has the right of abortion within 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

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Two-Finger Test For Rape Victims Is “Regressive And Invasive” 📷 The Supreme Court of India banned the regressive practice of the “two-finger test” on rape or sexual assault survivors on October 31 last year. It stated that anyone conducting the scientifically backward, privacy-invasive medical test would be found guilty of misconduct and dealt accordingly by law.

Mother Has The Right To Decide On Her Child’s Surname The court ruled that she will retain this right even after the demise of the partner with whom she’d conceived the child, irrespective of whether he/she is being brought up in a new family.