4 Hacks To Prevent Chapped Lips In Winter

Keep Yourself Hydrated This cannot be stressed enough. Not just water, improve your intake  of fluids, which include food with high water content like pomegranate,  carrot, bedroots, etc.

Use Sunscreen It’s a misconception that you need to use sunscreen only when you  step out. The skin gets adversely affected by the harmful ultraviolet  rays even when you are at home.

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Say Goodbye To Spicy Food The bad news for lovers of spicy food is that it tends to dry up  their lips. Instead, focus on a healthy diet that is replete with fresh  fruits and vegetables.

Say Hi to Plant-Based Toothpaste Toothpastes usually comprise synthetic ingredients that may cause  itchiness and dryness to your lips. Switch over to a plant-based  toothpaste instead.