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3 Problems Osteoporosis Patients Face

The Raaz actor Bipaha Basu was diagnosed with osteoporosis way back in 2012. She decided to take control of her life by keeping her weight under check through a rigorous weight training fitness routine. She has spoken at several interviews about how her medical condition is a life-long one and has to be kept under control through therapy. Now, coming to you, do you have non-specific bone pains that occur occasionally? Has your height reduced over the last few years? Are you suffering from repeated fractures? Are your bones so tender that they hurt, even under mild pressure? While they may not be a sign of trouble, some of these can be subtle signs of osteoporosis.

In many countries, specially developed and developing countries, osteoporosis is a substantial economic burden as it is a significant cause of prolonged hospitalisation. Treatment for the condition can sometimes be quite expensive and might not be within the means of the general population.

Approximately 40 percent of the patients above the age of 70 who suffer from a significant bone fracture die within the first year.

Considering the high morbidity and mortality rates, osteoporosis is a significant health concern that must be dealt with in its initial stage, so that it does not cause additional complications.

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