3 Possible Career Break Reasons


1. Reason For Going On Break  

This is particularly important if you’re taking a break on your own will. Are you taking a break because you feel burned out at work, and could really use the time for rejuvenation? Or because your current job leaves you with no time to hunt for a new one.

2. When Is Your Break Going To End?  

Remember it’s a break, not the end! Have a clear idea of how long you’re going to be on a break, and commit yourself to that deadline. Work towards making a comeback when your break term is nearing its end.

3. Finances During The Break  

In some cases, breaks could also mean that there are periods where you’re not paid. Be clear and plan beforehand how you’re going to manage your finances during this period. This is important to ensure you’re not forced to cut your break short and return to work earlier than you planned, only because your financial situation doesn’t allow you to stay on break.

How Do You Make The Most Of Your Career Break?

1. Have A Routine 2. Self-Learning 3. Invest In Physical And Mental Health 4. Stay In Touch With Your Work-Life 5. Take Up Part-Time Work 6. Enjoy Your Break 7. Travel 8. Pick Up A Hobby 9. Pick Up A New Language 10. Get A New Perspective

5 Tips On Restarting Career After Break

1. Update your Curriculum Vitae, keeping in mind the field you are appearing for 2. Network with like-minded people to secure a job after career gap 3. Wear confidence on your face 4. Apply for companies and job profiles that you’re really interested in 5. Appear for interviews with your chin up

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