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3-Point Checklist Of Things To Do During The Second semester Of Pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy occurs between the 14th and the 26th week. It is a turning point for both mother and the baby as the foetus starts to grow in length and weight during this time. During the second trimester, you will start to feel better as the worst nausea phase is over. Of course, a lot goes inside your body this time and thus, some discomforting symptoms can still show up. To deal better with your pregnancy symptoms during this time, you have to know more about them. Here is what to expect during the second trimester of pregnancy.

1. You need to be regular with hospital visits to track the growth and development of your baby. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat or looking at the scans would be the highlight of this phase of the pregnancy.

2. You have to take the best care of your body with a good diet and lifestyle. It is also a very crucial phase where you have to learn about pregnancy and baby care. You can also opt to go for baby care classes where you will also find a supportive environment, company of other soon-to-be parents, knowledge about foetal development, and how to take care of your baby after he/she is born.

3. Above all, you have to take care of your own body and be mindful of giving the best to your upcoming family.

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