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3 Healthy Changes You Should Make In Your Life To Prevent Osteoporosis

The Raaz actor Bipaha Basu was diagnosed with osteoporosis way back in 2012. She decided to take control of her life by keeping her weight under check through a rigorous weight training fitness routine. She has spoken at several interviews about how her medical condition is a life-long one and has to be kept under control through therapy.

Keep Alcohol Consumption Low. While there is no issue in occasionally drinking alcohol, it is best to do so in moderation. If possible, it is best to abstain from alcohol as it helps prevent unnecessary weight gain and causes calcium absorption from the gut.

Preventing Falls To Avoid Fractures As people age, they are at a higher risk of falling and fractures. To prevent this, it is essential that they have good railings along the stairs and handles in the bathrooms of their homes. It is also a good idea to keep their homes clean and avoid excessive clutter as these can cause falls and avoidable accidents.

Regular Screening For Osteoporosis Regular screening is the key to preventing osteoporosis is regular consultation with a specialist. In the elderly population and people with high-risk factors, DEXA SCAN, the investigation of choice for diagnosis and assessment of treatment for osteoporosis, is highly recommended. It is a non-invasive test to measure the bone mineral density BMD of our bones.

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