3 Haircare Tips To Prevent  Hair Fall During The  Navratri Season


No doubt you’re going to be twisting and turning your hair to create some killer looks during Navratri—especially if you’re going to a Garba or dandiya night.

So, here are some tips on how you can prevent breakage and hair fall during the nine days of Navratri:

Tip 1 While you may be tying your hair up to achieve festive hairstyles during the day, be sure not to tie it tightly at other times.

Tip 2 Always gently detangle your hair with your fingers first, before going in with your brush.

Tip 3 Don’t keep clip-in hair extensions on for too long. They weigh your real hair down and can do a lot of damage right at the root level, so take them off as soon as you get home.