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15 Surprising Everyday Foods That Are Loaded With Sugar

5 Tricks To Eating Healthy Using Portion Control

Eating smaller size re-sets the appetite and satiety to a lesser intake if the diet plan is followed over a period. Portion control helps reduce the actual quantity of food consumed

1. Eat Smaller Portions

Carbohydrates would measure up to one-quarter of the plate, protein another quarter of the plate, fats would be the tip of a finger and half of the plate should be filled with vegetables.

2. Maintain Ratio Of Carbohydrates, Proteins And Fats

Opting for a smaller dinnerware makes a smaller portion size look filling. If a bigger dinner plate is used, the quantity of food accommodated in the plate exceeds the portion, people tend to eat more with larger plates

3. Choose Specific Dinnerware/Serve

If one eats directly from the package portion control is lost. One easily exceeds the quantity of food consumed. Portioning food from the package in a serving bowl ensures quantity control.

4. Avoid Direct Consumption From Packages

– A way to check the portion size without any measuring tools is by using your hand. A palm-sized serving for proteins, a fist or two fist-sized serving for vegetables, a cupped hand portion of carbohydrates, a thumb-sized serving of fat

5. Do Portion Control In The Right Way

1. Tomato Sauce 2. Flavoured Yoghurt 3. Packaged Juices 4. Breakfast Cereal 5. Salad Dressings 6. Barbecue Sauce 7. Iced Tea 8. Flavoured Coffees 9. Packaged Pasta Sauce 10. Granola Bars 11. Biscuits 12. Packaged Soups 13. Fruit Buns 14. Sports Drinks 15. Instant Oatmeal

15 Everyday Foods That Are Loaded With Sugar

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