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12 Small Changes That Can Make A Big Difference To Your Health

1. Set Daily Happiness Goals

You’ve heard about daily to-do lists, now hear about daily happiness goals. Create small goals like complimenting your friend, doing something that brings you joy: painting, reading etc. Measure your day in terms of happiness rather than productivity, like Rancho’s mantra of “Success Ke Peeche Mat Bhago, Excellence Ka Peecha Karo, Success Jhak Maarke Tumhare Peeche Ayegi ”.

2. Switch Your Candies With Fruit

If you have a sweet tooth and always have candy within an arm’s distance, here’s an easier way for you to reduce all the artificial sugar you’re consuming. Fruits are naturally sweet but you’ll also be filling your body with all the good vitamins. Grapes, strawberries and oranges are some good options.

3. Drink Your Coffee Black

Nothing like a good strong cup of coffee to kick start your day (or night) work sessions right? And it’s absolutely okay to drink coffee, in moderation though. When you minus the sugar, milk, cream and all the added flavourings going into your morning cup, you’ll be directly reducing the calories you intake.

4. Invest Time In Learning

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” Who said that? Elbert Einstein. The day we stop learning we stop growing. If you’re a student you’ve already got this under your belt. But if you’re not, make a note to dedicate a small portion of your day to learning. It could be a skill, language or learning more about your profession.

5. Spread Health On Your Bread

This is how you can improve your immunity. If you like to spread generous amounts of butter and jams in your extravagant breakfast bread, here’s a little tip to switch up the spreads a few days a week. You should try healthier alternatives like avocado, mashed up bananas, and homemade peanut butter to elevate your normal toast to superhero toast.

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