11 Secrets Of Face Reading That Can Reveal Your Future

Your face can say a lot of things about you, your future, and your personality. The Chinese believe that the face is a reflection of your inner spirit. Face reading astrology is not a new art. It has its roots in ancient history and has been popular since the time of Aristotle. There was an era when people found employment after their faces were read and interpreted thoroughly.

1. Relationship With Your Parents

The position of your forehead can reveal a lot about the relationship that you share with your parents. If that area is smooth and bright, it signifies that your parents are healthy and wealthy and that they had a beautiful childhood. If that area is dull or the skin is dark, it implies that your parents have experienced trouble during their childhood.

2. Career & Success

A position above your eyebrows is significant for speaking volumes about your success and career. If it is smooth and rounded, it means that you will have a good career and that you will achieve early success. If that area is dark and hollow, it means you won’t see success before the age of 25, even if you are intelligent.

3. Personality Traits

If the space between your eyebrows is less, it represents friendly and optimistic personality traits. If the gap is wide, it means you will earn good money and enjoy a long life. Unibrows may mean that you are full of arrogance and negativity.

4. Your Love Life

Bulging and rounded region below your eyes imply that you are very emotional and sensitive. You easily fall in love and give your partner your all. If you have wrinkles or roughness below the eyes, it means that you usually fail in love due to selfishness or overindulgence.

5. Your Old Age

One can understand your old life by seeing your chin area. If it is strong, rounded, and spacious, it means happiness after the age of 60. It if is low and dark, it means unhappy and lonely old age