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11 Pakistani TV Shows And Movies You Must Watch!

Pakistani Shows To Watch

The first reason to watch this : Mahira Khan (who’s already a much-liked Pakistani actor in India). The second : a powerful story with even stronger performances.

1. Hum Kahan ke Sachay Thay

A glimpse into the lives of Pakistanis staying abroad, in one of New York’s most desi communities – Jackson Heights. One woman finds herself in an abusive marriage, another is holding on to one where she was cheated and betrayed.

2. Jackson Heights

When we think of a show with an army backdrop, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of young men in uniform.

3. Sinf-e-Ahan

In our culture, when a woman complains of abuse from her spouse, the first question they ask her is ‘maarta hai kya?’

4. Khaas

A show that tackles the topic of domestic violence, an evil that harangues desi society even today. As is common in Pakistani culture, a young girl marries her cousin who is presumably well settled in Malaysia

5. Kaisa Hai Naseeban

When two teenages, Indian Vishal Malhotra and a Pakistani Sarah Sher Ali both lose their army fathers in a cross-border firing, their lives are shattered.

6. Dhoop ki Deewar

Whoever said that Pakistani shows were full of saas-bahu and rona-dhona, would be regretting it. Four women come together to expose their cheating, unfaithful husband.

7. Churails

Pakistani Movies To Watch Out For

If you’re a Fawad Khan fan (who’s not!) this is a great short film for you. It is the story of middle aged, widowed Masooma whose life revolves around her job and her teenage daughter

1. Behadd

If you like watching movies about real-life heroes, this is a must watch. The movie traces the life of 23 year Marium Mukhtyar, Pakistan’s first female fighter pilot

2. Ek Thi Marium

Family is family. Even if they’re annoying, embarrassing and have dreams and aspirations that are different from yours. And wherever in the world you may go, in the end, you all come together

3. Cake

Another excuse to watch Mahira Khan! A biopic on Nigaar Johar, the first female Surgeon-General in the Pakistani army.

4. Ek Hai Nigaar

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