10 Zaroori Foods To Eat & 10 To Avoid During That Time Of The Month

It’s that time of the month yet again! Back pain, stomach cramps, headache..it’s a full package (of pain). And to a certain extent, you take care of your body during periods, externally that is, with hot water bags and cramp-relieving exercises, right? But what about the food that goes inside? Kabhi socha hai that it affects your period too? Nahi na? Your diet directly influences your reproductive cycle. When you menstruate, you lose a lot of blood, which leads to a lowered percentage of iron and other micronutrients in your body. Are you filling your body with enough nutrients? Are you avoiding food items that disturb the period cycle?

10 Must-Have Food For Your Period

1. San (Flax)

They help in flushing out extra oestrogen, which is responsible for heavy bleeding and clotting during menstruation.

2. Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables like methi, palak, patta gobi and kale are rich in magnesium and fibre that help in relieving bloating.

3. Chana (Chickpeas)

Chickpeas are filled with vitamin B6 and help boost your progesterone levels. That promotes a regular and healthy period cycle.

4. Almond

Nuts are not just beneficial for retaining memory but also helps with your period.

5. Bananas

Potassium helps balance the natural fluids in your body.