10 Yoga Asanas & Meditation Techniques To Deal With Anxiety

1. Hero Pose

This seated posture can assist you with tracking down your center. Zeroing in on your breath might assist you with centering down ease in the tranquility of this pose.

2. Tree Pose

This exemplary standing pose might assist you with focusing inward, quieting racing thoughts.

3. Triangle Pose

This invigorating pose can assist with easing the strain in your neck and back.

4. Standing Forward Bend

This resting standing pose may help relax your mind while releasing tension in your body.

5. Fish Pose

This backbend can assist with relieving tightness in your chest and back.

6. Extended Puppy Pose

This heart-opening pose extends and stretches the spine to diminish strain.

7. Child’s Pose

This relaxing pose may help ease stress and fatigue.

8. Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

This pose might assist with soothing your sensory and nervous system.

9. Seated Forward Bend

This pose is thought to quiet the brain while easing anxiety. Assuming you feel that your contemplations have been dispersed all through your training,

10. Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

This helpful pose considers total unwinding of your psyche and body.

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For More Detailed Information, Click Learn More