10 Ways To Reuse The Leftover Wax From Candles

10 Ways To Reuse The Leftover Wax From Candles


1. Car Air Fresheners

The small quantity of wax from used candles is great to make air fresheners for your car. This technique allows you to enjoy the sweet fragrance from your favourite candle even when you are on the go.

2. A New Candle

This tip is great for people who are stuck with a bunch of old candles. Using the wax from all of the candles can be used to create a new candle altogether.

3. Scented Tealights

Tealights have varied uses. They can be used in the temple in place of a diya, as Diwali decorations or just as a decorative accent in the house

4. Upgrade Your Potpourri

A potpourri is a great home decor accessory as it adds colour and fragrance to the home. But since the exposed surface of the potpourri is rather large, the fragrance in the potpourri 

5. Insect Repellent Candles

There are times when we are stuck with candles that have very little or no fragrance left in them

6. Air Purifier

The wax from leftover candles can be used to create melts for a wax burner and purify the air. Once you have learnt how to melt candle wax to reuse

7. Fire Starter 

This DIY for using wax from old candles will save you from the trouble of being stuck with ineffective fire starters.

8. Floating Candles

Floating candles are the easiest and probably the cheapest centrepiece when it comes to home decoration.

9. Save Shoelaces

Shoelaces often get frayed at the ends. At such times, most of us discard them and move on to buying new ones.

10. Pincushion

Every woman finds herself hunting down pins when she needs them. This easy project can help you create a very unique pincushion using the wax from old candles.

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