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10 Trending Nail Shapes For Your Next DIY Manicure At Home

10 Different Nail Shapes For Your Hands 1. Round Nails

Naam hi kaafi hai. This nail style looks great no matter the length of your nails. But they’re your best option if you have short nails and want them to appear longer. They are easy to maintain and to do it yourself at home. Looks best with: Get the best round nails with a classic french manicure or bold shades like red and blue.

2. Oval Nails

This elegant nail shape enhances your long nails giving your wide nail beds an alluring touch. To do this on your own at home, file your nails on both sides. After that, choose a slight angle to create an almond shape and then round the tips. Looks best with: Any soft colour will look fabulous with these nails, but going for an ombre effect will take your nail game to the next level.

3. Square Nails

Do you have unrounded cuticles? Fikar not, square nails your BFFs. You can go for longer nails for a retro vibe or short nails for a modern and fresh look. No matter what your choice is, they will look awesome on everyone. Looks best with: Square nails look fantastic with deeper shades like green and black or you can consider going for neutral colours .

4. Dominating Stiletto Nails

Just like your pointed stiletto heels, these nails give you an edgy and daring persona. It is very popular among acrylic nail lovers. If you have long nails with narrow nail beds, this one’s for you. Looks best with: You can try a variety of press-ons and try out a bunch of different styles based on your needs. Rhinestones designs are the clear favourites these days.

5. Coffin Nails

Another A-list celebrity hit, these nails have angled sides and squared-off tips. If you aren’t afraid of looking like a bold baddie, this is your perfect choice. Don’t use them as tools and maintain them well to make them last longer. Looks best with: They look fresh with almost every colour, but a matte finish adds an extra flair of edginess.

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