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10 Super Simple Ways To Lift Up Your Mood

10 Ways To Bust A Bad Mood 1. Move Around

A bad state of mood makes us curl into our shells, forces us to keep indoors, be sedentary, and generally move around less. But getting away from your stagnant mental state is equally about getting away from a lethargic physical state that the mind has put you into. Movement can mean you can simply go out to take a walk.

2. Sustain Your Hobbies

Being in a consistent bad mood makes you leave your most cherished hobbies unattended. You do not do the things you love because of being in constant stress-induced guilt. But, as I said before, the first step is what matters the most. Pick up on your hobbies again. Your brain will have to pay attention to more tasks and its responsiveness will improve.

3. Get Some Sun

A lot of us might not be morning people, while another lot could be those turned nocturnal due to downgrading mood. The prior should know what the latter know. Mornings may seem sleepy but for once in your life, try going to bed early and waking up early the next day. The amount of things that you can do without even trying to be productive gives a great sense of achievement.

4. Declutter Your Mind & Breathe

Dr Bhavna Barmi, a Delhi-based clinical psychologist says that decluttering the space around us has many mental health benefits such as reducing anxiety, reducing stress, feeling energized, and feeling a sense of confidence. “Humans actually prefer order and symmetry. Hence creating order reduces your anxiety”, she says. The mind is put to a task that requires problem-solving, a getting-things-done attitude, and organizing.

5. Sleep Tight

Yes! Many’s favourite activity of the day has the greatest potential to protect your mind from the harmful effects of stress. Make sure to have a sound 8-hour sleep every day to keep your brain healthy and fresh.  Sleep deprivation can be the cause of your psychological condition, apart from just alleviating it. Sleeping enough keeps your brain alert, promotes a good mood as well as keeps your weight in check!

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