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10 Summer Skincare Tips From A Dermatologist

1. Switch to lightweight products during Summer

As we bid adieu to the winter breeze and welcome the summer season, the weather becomes hot and humid. One should switch from cream-based formulations to lotion or gel-based formulations. Moisturizers, sunscreens, night creams should be lightweight. The makeup should preferably be water-based, and not mousse-based.

2. It’s time to try AHA & BHA face washes

There is no need to be overzealous in switching to stronger face washes if you have dry, sensitive skin type, or skin with Rosacea. Continue applying gentle cleansers which preferably are non-lather / foam generating with mild Sulphates and free of detergents like Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol.

3. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock

SPF range signifies protection from UV-B rays. An SPF-15 gives 95% protection from UVB rays. An SPF-30 gives 97% protection. For normal skin’s routine care, SPF 15 is usually sufficient. Also, one should remember that the SPF doesn’t indicate protection from UVA – which is described by the “star rating”.

4. Use your moisturiser while your skin is still wet for great results

Moisturizing is food for the skin. A moisturized skin is glowing skin, dry skin is dull skin. In any season, everyone should moisturize at least once or twice a day. As mentioned before, one can shift from cream-based moisturizer to lotion based moisturizer. Use cream-based instead of sun-exposed moisturizer to lotion based moisturizer, as cream-based formulations are water-in-oil type.

5. Use vitamin-based serums in the summer

I would recommend using a Vitamin C based serum for the younger generation. As for people looking for solutions to ageing, a Vitamin A serum works wonders for wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

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