10 Summer Plants That Are Perfect For Your Home Garden


1.  Aloe Vera

Aloe is the best summer plant you could ask for, as it serves as a medicinal plant against sunburns. They are great summer plants for pots. Aloe Vera is a popular plant as it purifies the air and helps suck impurities from the air.

2. Succulents And Cactus

Succulents and cactus are a very simple yet aesthetic plant. They thrive in dry climates and do not require a lot of maintenance. You can water them once in 2-3 days, depending on the type of plant.

3. Money Plant

A money plant is also known as a good luck plant, as it is said to bring in money. This plant is a staple house plant to grow as it is simple to maintain. They grow easily in water as well as mud. They are climbers and can grow depending on the space provided.

4. Calathea

A minimal and beginner-friendly summer plant, Calatheas are sure to bring colour to your house. This is a summer-flowering plant for pots with uniquely coloured leaves. They don’t even need trimming!

5. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are the elegant plant that can turn your home garden into a beautiful flowering area. The dark long green leaves and glowing white snake-like flowers are the perfect addition to your summer flowering plants collection.

6. Abutilon Flowering Maple

A perfect summer flowering plant that has the perfect colours of summer is the Abutilon flowering maple. This plant will need a little more care than the others. A regular trim and avoiding over-watering is the key

7. String Of Pearls

The string of pearls is truly as the name suggests, a string of beautiful green pearls. It is a part of the succulent family and produces white flowers. Although drought-tolerant, they can die due to overwatering

8. Green Chillies

If you are looking for vegetables to grow in summer then green chillies should be on the top of your list. Green chillies are important in every Indian dish, so growing them is extremely beneficial. Green chillies are not only one of the easiest summer vegetables to grow

9. Cucumbers

What’s better than growing summer vegetables during the summer season? Growing summer vegetables that are extra delicious during the summer season! And it is the cucumber vegetable.

10. Tomatoes

Chillies and cucumber are perfect additions to summer garden plants, they’d pair well as a summer salad. But adding a bit more freshness to the lot is juicy ripe tomatoes. These summer vegetables are also easy to grow, not only good plants to grow in summer, but all year round.

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