10-Steps To Finding The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding


1. Hire A Professional

A Professional Bridal Makeup Artist is one that utilizes minimum make-up, and applies it to  to change or upgrade the presence of an individual

2. Start Early

You will definitely want to start searching for an MUA early. Brides should  typically book an artist 12 to 24 months before the wedding.

3. Decide The Look You Are Going For

It is a good idea to have a moodboard of ideas and looks that you want to try. This will help you to explain the artists you connect with, what your vision is

4. Ask For Makeup Trial

Assuming you are booking your artist in advance, it is a good idea to ask for multiple trials in a gap. These make up trials will- A. help you understand what you like and don’t like about the looks you have shortlisted

5. Be Confident In Your Makeup Artist

The trial is the ideal chance to communicate your sentiments and assumptions to guarantee that you’re sure about your artist and by and large they are what you are searching for on your wedding day.

6. Comfort Is Key

Make sure that the makeup is comfortable. You will be wearing this look for a lengthy period and you don’t need it to feel heavy or uncomfortable to begin with

7. Price Tag

While price is important, Don’t be completely price-driven! You may end up  spending a little more in the beginning while finding the perfect artist, but it’s  better than regretting it  later.

8. Type Of Makeup & Makeup Artist

Another great tip is to study the current trends that are ongoing in the industry- a few examples are airbrushed makeup, HD make up, celebrity makeup, and so on.

9. Makeup Artist Products

The Makeup items you must be viewed a makeup artist going to utilize, It ought to be a branded one, kindly don’t go with any brand, take some time and do appropriate examination which item is best according to your complexion

10. Makeup Studio Or Freelance Makeup Artist

At the point when you are short listing the wedding makeup artist you can go with the established Makeup studio artist like– Parul Garg, Meenakshi Dutt, Neeti Saini and a few more.

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