10 Step Guide To A Renewed Skincare Regime

During the first lockdown, a lot of people turned to Korean dramas and music, and have gotten deep into the Korean culture. Many people have started to prefer Korean dramas rather than the usual Indian television dramas. This wave of Korean culture that has taken the world by storm is known as Hallyu. And while we all are riding the Korean culture wave and deeply loving it, we have also begun to learn more about their beauty industry and how we can achieve perfect glass skin like them.

   10 Steps To Healthy Skin   1. Make-Up Remover Or Oil-       Based Cleanser

You should begin your skincare routine with a double cleansing technique. A makeup remover or oil-based cleanser removes all the stubborn makeup, sunscreen particles and dirt from your skin without stripping the natural oil in your skin. An oil or balm based cleanser works best in this step.

2. Water-Based Cleanser

The next step of your routine is to cleanse your skin with a face wash. Using a foam or cream cleanser works best here. Use gentle circular motions to remove any residual sweat and dirt from the skin. Choose a gentle, hydrating and low pH water-based cleanser to help sweep away anything like dirt or sweat that the oil-based cleansing didn’t pick up. The two steps combined thoroughly cleanse the skin.

3. Toner

Toners are the ultimate prep product that repairs the skin’s barriers to effectively absorb the moisturisers. A toner that restores pH level and hydrates, giving you a dewy finish. You can use the product with a cotton pad or your fingers, and pat it into your skin.

4. Exfoliator

Exfoliating once or twice a week can help slough off dead skin cells, promote skin cell turnover and repair sun-damaged, ageing or skin discolouration. Use a physical exfoliator or chemical as per your skin type. Consult with a dermatologist to find your match. Check out a few all-natural DIY face scrubs here.

5. Essence

Essence is sort of like serums, they are concentrated, lightweight blends of anti-ageing, skin-boosting ingredients. As they are lightweight, they quickly absorb in the skin. Pour a few drops of your preferred essence into your palms and pat it onto your face and neck.