10 Real-Life Friendship Stories That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Hearing ‘Tere jaisa yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana’, and ‘Tera Yaar Hu Main’ has most of us reminiscing about the time we’ve spent with our closest friends. That’s the impact of friendship; the effect of having a group of friends that have stuck by you through thick and thin. Whether they were your chuddy buddy, lunchbox-sharing school friend, college mate and partner in crime, or the work friend who builds you up, this Friendship Day (2 August, 2020), Team TC46 is thinking about all of them and sharing our fondest memories. Get age-old wisdom on friendships and relationships, read these panchatantra tales.

1. Squad Goals

Friends like sisters. Sisters like friends. That’s pretty much how I’d sum up this throwback snapshot from my 2019 bachelorette party at Tamasha, Mumbai. I’m lucky to have found my cheering squad, and these are just some of the many women who have supported and stood by me in my life. You don’t get to choose your family, but you get to choose your friends. And it’s a true blessing when you find friends like family and create bonds for a lifetime.

2. My Rock

My best friend is my brother from another mother. We have a bittersweet journey through life and his presence is one I crave, every day. He stands by me, supports me and fights with me on the silliest of issues, but we both know that we would be dangling in a void space if not for each other. He has been my truest support system in all these years and keeps me grounded. From pulling me out of a mess to helping me deal with my mother’s recent health scares, he is my rock and a true friend.

3. Feline Friend

This Friendship Day, I dedicate to Nadia. When I brought you home, I thought I was giving you a new lease on life. But it was quite the opposite. You became my first child and the friend who helped me survive the lockdown. Happy Friendship Day, my furry feline friend!

4. Unbreakable Bond

I feel really lucky to have so many amazing people in my life since childhood. I have had great friends who helped and supported me, with whom I have experienced wonderful times. It’s a blessing to have buddies who made all the phases of my life so memorable and filled with joy. I have two perfect people in my life, they stood by me through tough times and guided me all along. We fought, we laughed and we cried together. My college roommate Fatima made my hostel life unforgettable and my 7-year-old friendship with Yashika couldn’t be more perfect.

5. My Constants

For me, my friends are like a second home—a comfort zone. I can be myself around them, with no judgements. I can completely fall apart and they will be there, with no questions. They give me the space to choose my path, and stand by my side when I’ve chosen the wrong one, which is more often than you’d think. We fight over desserts and pizza, and remind each other of the past romantic mistakes (honestly I’ve lost count!). We’ve been friends for over a decade and hopefully a lifetime more.