10 Quirky Ideas For Navratri Decoration At Home

Navratri or the festival of nine auspicious nights kickstarts the festive season for Hindu homes. Surroundings are adorned with colour and ethnic decor, homes are cleaned and rituals are observed among fun, frolic and lots of tasty treats. Navaratri decoration at home helps everyone get in the festive spirit and brightens up your space for the festivities. Dainty torans, vibrant rangoli and an embellished mandap are just some Navratri decoration ideas that you can easily create by yourself. So get the family together and try out these Navratri decoration ideas at home.

Unique Navratri Decoration Ideas 1. Origami Torans

Toran is a traditional Indian decor piece that used to adorn doorways, which we often ignore while decorating. To anyone coming over, it shows your effort in making them feel welcomed and is sure to flatter them. To make yours stand out from the plastic flower ones available in the market, you can make a string of beautiful origami.

2. Crafts For Kids

A sure-shot way to help the kids fall in love with the festivities is to include them in making the Navratri decor. You can get them: – Colourful craft paper – Crayons – Glitter – Sequin in different shapes

3. Mandap Decoration For Navratri

While the rest of the home is a place for fun, frolic, and high energy, the puja mandap or the prayer space is a place of calm and meditation. It is here that all the Navratri rituals are performed and it helps us take a moment to reconnect with our traditions. So Navratri puja decoration at home would be incomplete without adorning the mandap.

4. Thaali Decoration

Attention to detail is what will set apart your decorations this Navratri. An essential detail of Navratri puja is the thaali or ceremonial plate. Here are some easy-to-do ideas: – Line the base of your thaali with a bed of fresh flowers and put painted diyas on it – If you are up for some creativity, you can glue glass beads, cutout glitter paper and anything else that you like; you can also line the rim of the thaali with gota patti to complete the look

5. Earthen Pots and Lamps

You can add a rustic and traditional look to your Navratri decor by placing earthen pots and lamps as showpieces. Depending on the space you have you can place them: – Under the staircase or on sides on stairs – In a corner of the living room; it is best to get pots of different sizes or shapes for this one as it makes for a distinctive decorative piece