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10 Pocket-Friendly Bath & Shower Skincare Essentials

1. All Natural Vegan Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar – The Hand Made Store

A good hair day can transform your mood and you need the best of the best to achieve that. The Hand Made Store’s anti-dandruff shampoo bar is a zero-waste alternative craved with an herbal natural formula that helps fight dandruff whilst nourishing the hair making it healthy, shiny, and conditioned!

2. Natural Rosemary Deep Hair Conditioner – Vishisht

Looking for an all-in-one conditioner to resolve all your hair woes? Look no further. Say goodbye to hair fall and dandruff with Vishisht’s detangling all-natural deep hair conditioner. It also reverses the damage done to bleached and colour-treated hair. Let your bath be a spa-like experience with this indulgent conditioner, available at the Red Dot Shop here.

3. Anti-Pigmentation Face Wash – Bellissimo Creazione

Skincare starts with cleansing and Bellissimo Creazione offers the perfect product for it. This face wash lessens the presence of wrinkles revealing more fundamental skin. Pigmentation can make your skin look dull and inconsistent. This cleanser delicately clears away dead skin cells while refining and hydrating skin.

4. Face Wash – DoYOU

While you hustle to meet life goals, pollution stands between you and your skin goals. What you need after an intense day of meetings, classes or chores is a mild face cleanser that counters daily pollution like nobody’s business. DoYOU’s face wash has a powerhouse formula that does double duty and is just as hardworking as you. Revamp your night routine with this super effective cleanser by purchasing it at the Red Dot Shop here. Price: Rs 495

5. Green Tea Sugar Scrub – Bellissimo Creazione

While a good face wash is great for everyday use, an effective and potent face scrub works like a charm for the most stubborn skin issues. This sugar scrub removes dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving a healthy and beautiful glow. Made with organic amino and sugar-based cleansing gel, it contains organic green tea leaves, pure green tea oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and pure brown sugar granules.

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