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10 Not-So-Fun Things That Happen To Every Woman When They’re On Their Period #IYKYK

1. You wake up to see you’ve bled all over your new sheets

…unfortunately, there’ll be this dark brown blood spot staring right back at you, more often than not, appearing way larger than what it actually is. And there goes your bed sheet to ruins!

2. Every time you sneeze it feels like you’re giving birth to a blood clot

All your requests, exclamations, threats, and counter-efforts fall into deaf ears. Then the unwanted happens and you cannot help but cringe in disgust from the sudden barrage of warm blood in your pants.

3. You need to ask your friends to look at your butt and check if you’ve stained your pants

You feel conscious thinking that the brown mark will be a huge giveaway to the world about something that you don’t want them to know. So you find yourself asking your friend to check on you every now and then.

4. You have pimples in the most unfortunate places—bindi pimple, nose pimple, even pimples down there sometimes

At times, the breakouts are all over you – as phelao-ed as your emotions are during this time of the month.

5. You turn to find an amoeba-shaped blood clot at the bottom of the toilet bowl

Though you may try hard to find shapes and give them names, they predominantly look like nothing more than an amoeba.

6. You have to rush to put a pad on quickly as soon as you turn off the shower

You quickly slip into a shower to rid yourself from that sanitary napkin that clings on to you all day (and night) long like a creepy, needy lover. Nothing like the warm embrace of lukewarm water on those days. Feels like the ultimate relief you could ask for – relief from tummy aches, headaches, and random pain here and there.

7. You get painful rashes because the stupid pad is cutting into your skin

Your skin shares your feelings and revolts against the constant torture of putting up with pads, one after the other for so many consecutive days.

8. You gain 2kgs overnight

To be precise, you bloat beyond recognition for your clothes.

9. You look (and feel) like you’re three months pregnant because of all the bloating

Suddenly you notice a huge paunch jutting out of your tummy. So much so that you look like you’re well into your pregnancy.

10. You just can’t seem to stick the wings together in time and your pad is all bent out of shape, stuck together in all the wrong places

Which one is the front side? You find yourself muttering while examining a clean pad, freshly stripped out of its protective covering.

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