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10 Mumbai Restaurants That Serve The Financial Capital’s Most Iconic Bhojan

1. Kyani & Co.

Known for a plethora of delicacies, the oldest Irani cafe in Mumbai is much celebrated for, well, everything it serves on its menu. What to order and which ones to leave out is a difficult decision that you have to make when you visit this iconic cafe. Its bun maskas, chicken samosas, egg dishes, cakes, caramel custards, and sodas are clearly the crowd pullers. However, keema pav remains the all-time favourite of its customers who swear by this cafe.

2. Britannia & Co.

Another of Mumbai’s Iranian restaurants that you simply cannot miss out on visiting, the Berry Pulao is one dish that you must definitely gorge on. It boasts of the freshness of berries that are imported all the way from Iran. That’s one of the reasons why the Berry Pulao here remains true to its Iranian roots and retains its authentic taste. Dating back more than 95 years now, also visit Britannia & Co. for its Salli Boti and brown rice, while you wash it all down with a flavourful bottle of raspberry soda.

3. Stadium Restaurant

Yet another Iranian restaurant that the Maximum City just cannot have enough of, it is one of the newer eateries of its kind in town. It is often said that the humblest and most ordinary-looking eateries serve the most unexpectedly delicious meals. Stadium Restaurant is one of those blessed eateries. Having been around for about 20 years, it has already carved a name for itself among its Iranian counterparts for the quality of food that it serves at affordable rates.

4. Yazdani Bakery

Ah, Mumbai simply cannot have enough of these Iranian restaurants! This quaint Iranian cafe is ideal for a relaxing breakfast or an evening out with your family or date, and even all by yourself. Make sure to keep a watch on the walls because they have their own story to tell about the cultural history of the community. While you soak in the rich Iranian heritage, don’t forget to dig your fingers deep into their bun maska and puddings, and of course, the Iranian chai.

5. Cafe Leopold

You must have heard the name before, even if you are yet to visit India’s Financial Capital. If you cannot recollect, let’s shed some light on it for you. This iconic restaurant was one of the targets of the 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai. The restaurant has been renovated after the horrifying incident and continues to welcome its customers with open arms, just like before.

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