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10 Mast Iconic Mumbai Street Food Dishes & Where You’ll Find Them In The City

1. Samosa With Chole At Guru Kripa

Deemed as Mumbai’s best samosa, this place offers this classic dish with a chickpea gravy on the side. With freshly chopped onions and coriander, it’s no less than a foodie’s heaven. The chatpata taste will leave you drooling. It’s a must-visit place if you want to dabble in the Mumbai street food scene. The queue may be long but mind you the food will be worth it and more.

2. Chinese Thali At Sahibaan

This is a hidden treasure of a place waiting for your taste buds to stumble and have a blast. Your eyes will pop out of your sockets when you hear the price (in a good way). The special Chinese thali includes mouth-watering items, right from starters, soup, Manchurian, and ice tea. The food comes in piles that will fill your hungry soul. And you can’t simply miss out on the dumplings and the soup. This place also has other outlets in Colaba and Bandra.

3. Kheema Pav At Gulshan-e-Iran

Serving delicious Mughlai specialities at such low prices has uplifted this place in people’s hearts as one of the favourites of all time. You can treat yourself with chicken tikka masala and kheema pav. Craving something sugary? Try its firni and rabdi kulfi. It’s a blessing really when you can eat your fill and not worry about the bill. It’s worth a visit (or two!).

4. Pav Bhaji At Sardar

How can you go to Mumbai and not eat vada pav, right? The streets are lined with hundreds of vada pav outlets to ensure you don’t miss out on this dish. And the best place to experience an authentic Mumbai-style vada pav is Sardar. And with great food comes even greater queues. To avoid the crowd, visit on weekdays and before evenings. Chatakdar bhaji slapped with butter and spices and the softest bread rolls. Muwah. It does not get better than this, guys!

5. Ice Cream Sandwich At K. Rustom

Between two crunch wafers, you can fill a variety of flavours, ranging from black currant to coffee, kacchi kairi, almond crunch, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, and many more to drown in the sweet ecstasy. K Rustom, one of Mumbai’s most famous ice cream places, has been serving hundreds of happy customers every day for decades, and its fan base continues to grow! It is a must-visit for everyone in Mumbai, whether you like desserts or not!

6. Misal Pav At Aaswad

At the global Foodie Hub Awards, Aaswad won the award for The World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish for its Misal Pav! What is there to say about this exquisite Maharashtrian breakfast? This dish, consisting of mixed beans sprouts, spices, chopped onions, and tomatoes, is a treat for your taste buds. Spices created from scratch and the allure of crunchy farsan that you can’t resist.

7. Falooda At Badshah

Falooda is a modern take on Faloodeh, a Persian dessert prepared with vermicelli, rose syrup, and sabja seeds in creamy, thick milk. There isn’t a single falooda fan in Mumbai who wouldn’t recommend Badshah on Crawford Street for its creamy delight. Badshah has become a landmark in its own right, with over 100 years of faithful service to its loyal consumers. You must try the Badshahi and Royal Falooda at this iconic cafe if you have a sweet taste that can’t resist the charm of this refreshing dessert.

8. Pani Puri At Eclo Center

Many people believe that the pani puri served here is the best they’ve ever had. And why wouldn’t they? Thanks to its crunchy purI, masaledar pani flavours and savoury onion-potato stuffing, you’ll be backing the claim as well. And who can really go wrong with a pani puri, right?

9. Bhel Puri At Chowpatty

Mumbai Chowpatty! You thought we’d leave out this gem of a place? Imagine the fresh sea air, waves lapping at the shore and you walking along the coast or sitting and gazing at the setting sun. But without a bhel puri? Tsk Tsk. Not going to happen! You have to go to the Chowpatty and try its lovely chatpati bhel. You will never taste something like that!

10. Mexican & Asian At Kurries and Burries

Kurries and Burries is a relatively new cafe in Girgaum Chowpatty that is popular among Wilson College students. Because of the creative way they make their food, you’ll never guess that it’s completely vegetarian. It is a restaurant that delivers a good mix of Asian cuisine to people of all ages, as well as Mexican cuisine and sweets. So mark it on your trip!

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