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10 Important Summer Makeup Tips & Products To Sweat-Proof Your Look

Why Does Summer Feel Like Disaster For Your Skincare and Makeup?

Excessive sweating during the summer season makes us overhaul our makeup and skincare products and routines to something that feels lighter on the skin. More sweat increases instances of pore clogging and dirt accumulation. Bacteria infected hair follicles, acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation under the sun, and fungal infections intensify the sweaty and moist skin conditions.  If you have oily sking, then here is your guide on how to do makeup for oily skin. If not chosen correctly, most makeup and skincare products can feel greasy and sticky in summers and can aggravate your summertime skin woes. That flawless summer makeup look can easily elude you if you do not sweat-proof your makeup.

10 Summer Makeup Tips To Maintain A Dewy Glow 1. Choose A Good Primer

Take care to always apply a good primer on your face before putting any makeup on. Primer acts as a base surface on which the rest of the makeup holds on to. It is also a shield over your skin, helping it to not come in direct contact with chemical products. Let your primer be oil-free to prevent pore congestion.

2. Pick Up A Sweat Proof Foundation

A good water-based foundation that is waterproof as well is your best bet for an effective summer makeup product. Thick foundations are more susceptible to melting off when you get sweaty. Lightweight concealers and foundations, applied in just the right amount of requirement ensure good coverage and less running down your face.reen

3. Use A Sun Protection Factor

SPF sunscreens are a must when the sun is glaring down extra hard. Combining a water-based foundation (with additional SPF protection is a bonus!) with a broad-spectrum sunscreen completes your layer of protection and locks the basic part of your makeup firmly in place.

4. Choose Wisely Between Powders Vs. Creams

Cream-based products are more effective when you know that your day’s activities could induce some sweat. Fixing powders, eye shadows, blush, etc. should be replaced with cream-based products for the same purposes. Cream-based products absorb or merge well with your skin or the underlying layer of makeup and so do not run the risk of melting down. Make a witty choice for your summer makeup looks and avoid powder-based products that may end up looking cakey once you start sweating.

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