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10 Food Alternatives That Can Help You Lose Weight

1. From Mayonnaise To Curd

Obviously, you need something to dress salads and act as a binding agent on recipes that require it. Plain yoghurt is your best bet, and your mother will also surely approve of this swap. Yoghurt packs more nutrients and fewer calories as compared to mayonnaise. Nonfat or low-fat plain yoghurt can be substituted for buttermilk, sour cream or mayonnaise to lower fat content in recipes. You can also use non-fat plain Greek yoghurt.

2. From Refined Sugar To Dates

Date sugar is an excellent alternative to refined sugar. Unlike other granulated sugars that go through heavy processing, date sugar is simply ground dried dates. This works best in recipes that call for granulated sugar and can replace it in exact same quantity. Because dates are high in fibre and naturally sticky, they can be blended into a binder for cookies and bars, or turned into caramel. They work well as a sweetener for smoothies and salad dressings that will be blended as well.

3. From Soft Drinks To Home Made Drinks

Sweetened beverages, canned juices and other energy drinks are again loaded with harmful chemicals and contain a high amount of calories. The healthy alternative to these drinks would be buttermilk, fruit or vegetable juice, coconut water and traditional Indian drinks like mango panna or kanji.

4. From Refined Oil To Ghee

Time and again you’ve heard experts say that desi ghee is considered a healthy fat and good for your health. It helps in getting rid of that stubborn belly fat. Desi ghee is a rich source of saturated fats and is a powerhouse of nutrition. In addition, ghee has essential amino acids which help in mobilising fat cells in the body. You can replace refined oil or vegetable oil with ghee and start your weight loss journey.

5. From Candy To Frozen Fruits

Candy might taste amazing but it’s unhealthy for you, so why not shift to frozen fruits? If your favourite is hard candy, buy a bag of frozen berries or chopped fruit. Alternately, make your own: prepare the fruit, spread it on a baking sheet and freeze it for an hour before putting it in a bag to keep the fruit from sticking together. Whenever you crave, pop a fruit in your mouth and forget candies.

6. From Sugary Cereals To Oats Or Eggs

You are very well aware of the harmful preservatives and sugar that these cereals contain, so change your breakfast style and make it healthier than ever. Start eating oats or eggs, there are various recipes that allow you to jazz up your breakfast so you will not get bored.

7. From Processed Meat To Lean Meat

Processed meat should be avoided at all costs as they undergo the process of grilling, fermentation, salting and curing. This type of meat is modified in order to increase the shelf life. Instead, you should go for lean cuts of meat for better health and to increase your intake of proteins.

8. From Desserts To Fruit Smoothies

Yes, we understand that your sweet tooth does not want to compromise but when you get the same level of sweet satisfaction from healthy food, then it’s a win-win for you! Try various recipes for fruit smoothies including yummy fruits like bananas, strawberries, mangoes, lime and whatnot!

9. From Chips To Healthy Snacks

We are all guilty of the snacking habit that sways our weight loss journey a bit, so indulge in healthy snacking options and stop eating junk food. For most people, late dinner and post-dinner snacking add to the caloric load. Hence to keep a check on excess consumption restricting foods post-sunset might work as a good control mechanism. Indian snacks like nuts, chana chaat, homemade poha, murmura (puffed rice), and chivda (flattened rice) are super healthy. Along with these, boiled or roasted peanuts and corn on the cob are nutritious desi snacks.

10. From Sweets To Protein Bars

Again, whenever you crave something sweet right after you have eaten your meal, you can go for a homemade protein bar. Protein bars are extremely nutritious and can easily satisfy your sweet tooth. You can make them with healthy nuts and seeds, grated coconut, jaggery or coconut sugar

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