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10 Ethical Desi Brands In Honour Of World Earth Day

1. Vishisht

Vishisht offers all-natural skincare products made using 100% pure ingredients.  Founded by Namrata Agarwal, the brand offers a variety of all-natural skincare products made using 100% pure ingredients that resolve all skincare needs. The brand does not believe in exploiting animals to meet one’s business or personal needs. Products are prepared in small batches to offer the best quality and never tested on animals, after all, our furry friends have as much right on this planet as we do. 

2. Tinge

Tinge is India’s first handcrafted, customised, 100% natural and vegan makeup brand, specifically for the Indian skin tone. Conceived by Sabrina Suhail, the brand has mastered the art of blending different colours to create one that’s perfect for you.  Tinge products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. Tinge is extremely mindful of its footprint on the earth.

3. Evolve Essential

Women are the better half portions of this world. Evolve Essential takes the evolution of female hygiene to a place where it is connected to the eternal energy of the earth, with an eco-friendly range of products that lift your soul during some dull days, with a big smile to heal you naturally. The Evolve pads with a top-sheet are made of good quality natural ingredients to give you the goodness of nature .

4. Nirwaana

Nirwaana, is the state of pure happiness, a place of perfect harmony of the mind, nature and creativity. Nirwaana is a premium jewellery online store, which beliefs in providing a delightful e-commerce experience of art, culture, design and trend-based pure silver / semi-precious stones costume jewellery. The brand proudly differentiates itself, by using the best quality & most exclusive raw material, from around the world. All Nirwaana jewellery is designed and crafted with love by the local artisans in India.

5. Vaani

Vaani is the brainchild of two creatively hungry souls who decided to mould their friendship into a beautiful and inspiring partnership. The concept is to infuse creativity into kitchen decor. They sell handpicked products that cater to a variety of buyers with different tastes. Vaani ceramics are lead-free and biodegradable. From coffee mugs, food platters, salad to soup bowls, their product range is distinct and striking.

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