10 Easy Yet Meaningful Ways You Can Help & Support NGOs

1. Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most prominent activities in the social development sector. It plays a crucial role in bringing about a visible change in our society.

2. Interning

Being one of the biggest employment generating units, NGOs provide people with a plethora of fruitful internship opportunities in a variety of departments.

3. Becoming A Goodwill Ambassador

While an assortment of NGOs are operating on-field towards the upliftment of the underprivileged, their work is mostly undermined and overlooked

4. Freelancing For A Cause

There is a multitude of professionals who are placed at different jobs and roles in a variety of organisations and yet would want to lend their talents towards bringing about change.

5. Spending Time With Beneficiaries

Charity is not a rigid phenomenon, and hence, there are absolutely no set rules. Devoting time has been considered equivalent to donating monetarily in the development sector

6. Celebrating Special Days With Beneficiaries

While we are privileged to celebrate our special occasions like birthdays and festivals with our loved ones in vibrant ways, these are still luxuries for the underprivileged

7. Organising Fundraisers

You can also associate yourself with an NGO by raising funds for the causes that they believe in. A lot of NGOs depend upon fundraising as their primary unit of donations

8. Organising Charity Auctions

One of the ways to do non-monetary charity while encouraging others to do monetary donations is by organising charity auctions

9. Playing For A Caus

Sports bring about a lot of positive change if associated with the charity. Various sports-based organisations and ventures have been organising grand charitable events

10. Donating In Kind

You can always choose to donate valuable resources in kind. These can include books, clothes, stationery items, old-age pieces of equipment, etc, depending upon what the NGO beneficiaries really need or could find useful or helpful.

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For More Detailed Information, Click Learn More