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10 DIY Wall Hangings To Decorate Your Home With

Indoor plants are a great way to bring nature into the house. This macrame wall hanging works as a pretty and sturdy decor item that can hold your planters. Using just one simple macrame knot, you can create this gorgeous looking wall hanging in a very short span of time.

1. Macrame Wall Hanging

Gift wrappers, card papers and textured sheets, every household has an assortment of coloured paper we don’t know what to do with. This beautiful wall hanging with paper makes use of all those odd scraps that have the potential to become a wall art masterpiece.

2. Wall Hanging With Paper

This wall hanging with paper is so easy and quick to make that it can be a wonderful project to undertake with kids. They bring a pop of colour to almost any wall of the home, making the home look like a fun and cheerful space.

3. Paper Flower Wall Hanging

Creating a cosy and inviting home does not necessarily require expensive accents. With a little bit of creativity, things that are no longer in use can be turned into striking wall hanging decor items. This DIY wall hanging helps you make use of old sieves to add utility and aesthetics to your bare walls.

4. Metal Wall Hanging

Rustic home decoration accents have become very popular in the recent past. While such decorative pieces are available in the market at exorbitant prices, easy wall hangings like this one can be easily made at home at a fraction of the cost (or sometimes even for free.)

5. Wooden Wall Hanging

The next time you think of selling old newspapers to the raddiwala, think of how many creative things you can make out of them. This newspaper wall hanging is one way to completely transform old newspapers into an amazing adornment for your wall.

6. Newspaper Wall Hanging

A dream catcher is meant to protect us from evil spirits and nightmares. Along with this, dreamcatchers also make eye-catching wall hangings. They are an extremely versatile home decor option because of the endless designs that can be created using flowers, yarn, pompoms, crochet and other materials.

7. Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

All you need for this wall hanging is some embroidery hoops and leftover fabrics. If you don’t already have a bag full of loose fabric at home, pay a visit to the local darzi and he will thank you for taking them off his hands.

8. Fabric Wall Hangings

Making this wall hanging is going to help you save money, make your wall look beautiful and also assist with reducing your stress levels. Mandala art is a very popular way of destressing and battling anxiety while creating beautiful and colourful patterns. It will also provide you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

9. Mandala Wall Hanging

A glass of wine can instantly drive away blues and this beautiful wall hanging can instantly perk up a room. Made with used wine bottle corks, this DIY project takes barely any time and effort. You can choose to make it in any design you please, with any colour you choose.

10. Wine Cork Ombre Wall Hanging

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