10 Decor Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedroom That They Will Absolutely Love


1. Loft Beds

If you have vertical space in your room, a great way to pep up the kids’ room decor is by creating loft beds. A great way to maximize your child’s space, loft beds can be made into many themes like a treehouse, ship deck, or simply put a slide to get down from the bed

2. Chalkboard Walls

Let your child’s imagination flow by giving them an entire wall to let themselves loose. Chalkboard paint is very easy to procure and you can DIY paint these walls too. It gives the kids hours of entertainment and at the same time keeps their minds occupied in a creative pursuit.

3. T-Shirt Headboard

Did your child outgrow some of his T-shirts? Do you have favourite T-shirts that don’t fit you anymore but have great elements such as cartoon characters or tv show slogans or sports team logos? You can convert this all into a headboard.

4. Teepee Space

A kids room decor piece that is definite to instantly transform your kid’s room is a tent/ teepee. You can easily get one of these off an online store or even create your own DIY tent. To take it to the next level you could hang fairy lights on the top of the tent to outline the entrance.

5. Washi Tape Walls

If you’ve run out of ideas for decors, the age-old washi tape is here to your rescue. Since these tapes are easy to put up and remove without damaging the wall. This means you can easily keep updating the wall designs from time to time as your kid grows

6. Bed Canopies

Canopies come from the medieval days when heavy curtains were draped over beds to keep out the cold drafts in a castle. However, today, they act as perfect kids bedroom design ideas. Simply hanging something on the ceiling to drape over the bed could actually make your kid’s room feel taller while also accentuating its look.

7. Gallery Walls

Memories should not be restricted to a small corkboard in one corner of the room. Let your kids relive all their memories on the go by setting up a DIY photo gallery on any or all walls of the room/ All you need is some clips, a nylon string, and fairy lights to create the perfect memory gallery

8. Reinvented Storage Spaces

Kids love toys! They will force you to buy any toy they see and fill up their room with them. But this mess is definitely going to be a headache for you to clean and organize. Hence, creating storage spaces that easily fit these toys in is going to be a must.

9. House Bed Frame

Why just get a simple bed for your kid’s room when you can spice it up DIY style. Instead of a stereotypical bed, construct one that looks like a house. Not only does it also act like a playhouse in the day, but it also brings the same luxurious and eye-catching look to your kid’s room as that of a canopy.

10. Book Bins

Reading is a quintessential life skill today. Avid readers are always informed and able to comprehend situations much easier. And this habit must be inculcated in kids at a younger age. Hence creating low-heightened book bins around the room could be a great room decor idea that facilitates a great habit