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10 Coconut DIYs For Healthy Hair

1. Almond & Coconut Oil Shampoo

This shampoo with the goodness of coconuts and almonds can nourish your hair and stimulate hair follicles for healthier hair growth. It will moisturise and strengthen weak hair.

2. Onion & Coconut Hair Oil

Need more reasons to love the onion? Well, it is an excellent ingredient for stimulating hair growth and treating scalp-related conditions. Here is an effective recipe to make onion oil at home that brings out the best of onion for hair health.

3. Aloe Vera Hair Oil

Aloe vera is well known for its moisturising properties. When used in hair oil, it lends the same benefits and helps to revive dry and dull hair. And, in case you were wondering how to grow eyebrows, aloe vera is a great solution for thicker, fuller brows as well. You can gauge the popularity of this blend from the fact that it is now being marketed by big brands as a solution for frizzy hair.

4. Amla & Coconut Hair Oil

Just like amla, coconut oil and olive oil also offer several hair health benefits. Coconut oil helps nourish the hair from within, reduce protein loss and protect the hair from damage. It can also help in damage repair, and reduce hair loss. Olive oil is packed with several nutrients that may play a role in reducing split ends, repairing hair damage, treating dandruff, reducing hair loss and conditioning the hair.

5. Coconut Oil & Methi Hair Pack

This miraculous combination of two powerful ingredients can help treat hair fall issues, promote hair growth and moisturize the hair. The lecithin present in fenugreek nourishes the hair, strengthens the roots and heals the scalp. Packed with important nutrients such as iron, vitamin E and vitamin K, coconut oil helps boost hair growth. Here is how you can make your very own fenugreek oil for hair.

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