10 Breastfeeding Tips From A Real Mom


1. Create A Dedicated Comfortable Space For Breastfeeding

Before the baby arrives, create a “nursing station”— an area with a comfortable chair, a breastfeeding pillow, and a side table for snacks

2. Your Baby Will Always Be Hungry!

Babies, being so tiny, have an even tinier tummy. As a result, they fill up themselves, pee once and get hungry again

3. Position Yourself & The Baby Correctly

Mom gets completely comfortable and the baby comes to mom. The baby should be up high right across from the breasts with the mom not having to lean over the baby at all

4. Focus On Those Little Feet

Babies always seem to nurse better when their feet are touching something, like your leg, the arm of the chair, or a pillow tucked next to you. It makes them feel more secure.

5. Keep The Baby Awake While Nursing

Babies tend to fall asleep while nursing. While this may feel frustrating at that time, try to figure out ways to keep the baby awake and active at the breast.

6. The Right Latch Is Key

Be prepared if your baby is not able to latch properly. This is a very common problem and as a result, moms resort to formula milk through bottles or spoons.

7. Expect Challenges, But Remember It Gets Better!

Breastfeeding isn’t a cakewalk for most moms, and it can hurt, at least a little, at first.

8. Eat & Drink

While you are constantly worried about keeping the baby full, you need to take utmost care of yourself first!

9. The Rule Is ‘Baby Comes To Mommy’

Mom should not take the breast to the baby. The only thing that moves is the baby. Move the baby quickly and swiftly to the breast when they have a wide-open mouth.

10. Don’t Watch The Clock

Allow your baby to stay on your breast as long as they are still swallowing. Time means nothing depending on what the baby is doing while on the breast.

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For More Detailed Information, Click Learn More