10 At-Home Exercises To Reduce Back Fat

10 At-Home Exercises To Reduce Back Fat


1. Superman

If you are looking for a beginner exercise that can be performed without weights at home, this is the best in class.

2. Reverse Fly

The reverse fly targets both the back muscles and shoulders which can result in good posture and strengthens the back muscles.

3. Kettlebell Swing

This exercise can be performed with either a kettlebell or dumbbell and is a good toning exercise for the entire back of the body.

4. Side Plank

There are many variations to the side plank that can help in losing back fat and can target love handles. Begin with a simple side plank and advance to different variations as you progress.

5. Dumbbell Side Raises

This easy weight exercise works the shoulder muscles and directly improves definition around the shoulders and upper back.

6. Resistance Band Rowing

Using a simple resistance band in your home workouts can add variation to your workouts and help in toning the back.

7. Bent-Over Row

These target your rear delts and are extremely effective in reducing fat in the upper back areas.

8. Pullover

This exercise is an upper body workout that targets the core, shoulders and engages the back.

9. High Planks

While planks are considered as a core strengthening exercise it is also a useful tool for losing excess back fat.

10. Cat-Cow Pose

This exercise will help you cool down after performing the above exercises and help prevent any injuries to your back.

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For More Detailed Information, Click Learn More