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10 Apps That Make A Mom’s Life Easier

1. Keepy – Digitally Store Your Child’s Artwork

As moms, we’re constantly in awe of our children’s amazing creations. The artwork and projects that kids bring home from school are precious mementoes, but the fridge can only hold so many pieces of art. The paintings, drawings, and sketches do tend to pile up at an insanely fast pace. Rather than renting out a storage unit or kicking off a search for a new house with room for a full-on art gallery, I am a big advocate of using smart apps that make my kids’ creations digital.

2. BabyCenter

Every parent wants to know that their child is progressing and developing at a normal, healthy pace. The BabyCentre app helps new moms track their baby’s development and growth, most notably, detailing milestones that the infant will hit along their infancy journey. Of course, all babies and children develop differently and at their own, unique pace. But the BabyCentre app provides a basic foundation for a child’s development and helps new moms track progress and determine areas where improvement or additional time is needed.

3. FirstCry

Newborn essentials, clothes, footwear, accessories, baby gear, and furniture, FirstCry has been my companion since I conceived and I must say, it is one app that will take care of most of your mom-life challenges. FirstCry offers loyalty programs, discounts, events, a Q&A section, and several contests too.

4. Inchpaper

If you have survived the pandemic homeschooling of your kids, you would know a big part of a mom’s life is dealing with different kinds of craft papers and paints. Wait a moment, what’s the difference between cartridge sheet and ivory sheet anyway??!! Recently, I stumbled upon the Inchpaper app and can’t get enough of this one-stop platform. It is not limited to only craft supplies but covers a wide range of educational supplies, games, and textbooks too.

5. My Fitness Pal

A mommy needs to stay fit too. Hence a fitness app is a must in her list of smartphone apps. MyFitnessPal is my go-to app for meal logging and staying consistent in my weight. MyFitnessPal has the largest nutritional database of any Android calorie counter with over 1,100,000 foods! You can also create custom exercise routines and track your cardio and strength training including sets, reps, and weight. So, moms, it’s time to take control of your goals now!

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