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Gudi Padwa Celebration & Decoration Ideas You Will love

Gudi Padwa, also referred to as Gudhi and Sanvsar Pādvo in Konkani, is one of the most auspicious festivals of Maharashtra. This paaramparik festival marks the beginning of the Hindu calendar and the end of the agricultural season. As for the significance of gudi, Hindu mythology states that Lord Brahma had created the universe on this day, also introducing the concept of years, months, weeks, and days. The day marks the beginning of Satyayug. Gudi Padwa is believed to be the first day of the creation of the universe. This explains the reason why Lord Brahma is worshipped on this day. Goddess Saraswati is also worshipped along with lord Brahma. 

Hindu Mythology Says…

According to Hindu mythology, the significance of gudi also lies on this day that Lord Rama was crowned after his return to Ayodhya post 14 years of exile and defeating King Ravana.

According to Hindu mythology, the significance of gudi also lies on this day that Lord Rama was crowned after his return to Ayodhya post 14 years of exile and defeating King Ravana. Hence, spring cleaning and sprucing up the decor is an integral part of the spring festivities. In some parts of India, the day is celebrated as Chaitra Navratri, when people keep a fast and worship both Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. 

How Gudi Padwa Is Celebrated

There are several other significances that are closely associated with the festivities. It is celebrated with family with paramparaa and pratishtha. However, anyone can join the procession on the day before Gudi Padwa, when diyas are placed on leaves and then floated on the river. The day is symbolic of pyaar and devotion between husband and wife. Parents also invite their newly married daughter, along with her husband, to treat them to a sumptuous traditional meal. 

The festival is celebrated as a mark of prosperity and victory of good over evil. The day is celebrated throughout India by other names like Ugadi, Putuhandu, Vishu, among others. In the year 2022, Gudi Padwa will be celebrated on 2nd April, Saturday

In this article, we will discuss Gudi Padwa decoration ideas, how to make gudi for Gudi Padwa, and how to decorate Gudi. 

About Gudi Padwa Celebration

Traditionally, the gudi is worshipped within 5 to 10 minutes of sunrise. This is because it is believed that divine consciousness dominates the earth during this time and gets stored in the bodies of the worshippers. Gudi symbolises victory and it is raised to symbolise that God will always stand victorious.  

It is the apt time to celebrate a New Year. The pleasant weather is rife with green, young foliages and ripe fruits. The trees have shed their foliage and are ready to start afresh. There is newness in the air as trees spread their distinct fragrances. It’s spring, after all. Every moment of the day is considered to be sacred, evenfor rituals. The divine powers emanated and retained for longer, emphasising on the auspiciousness of the day. 

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7 Gudi Padwa Decoration Ideas To Bring In The Festive Vibes

Any traditional festival remains incomplete without some sajaavat, be it you or your home. You can take cues on gudi padwa decoration ideas at your home.

1. Draw Rangolis

Rangolis are an integral part of any festivity at several locations across India. It is no different for this festival too. The myriad colours of rangoli is believed to usher in good vibes and positivity into your home. Signifying auspiciousness, you can use traditional or organic rangolis to decorate your home. Spread the colours to make patterns or use stencils to make it easier for you. Apart from the main entrance and the puja area, make rangolis at strategic places at home, so that they do not impede your movement. Let your creativity shine as you experiment with water-based paints that are easily removable and accentuate it with real or artificial flowers, and other accessories. 

2. Hang Torans

Traditionally, torans are made with neem leaves or mango leaves. You can think of other alternatives like paper or wool. You can either get creative and make the torans at home or purchase some as they are readily available in the market. What’s more, you can even try making one with recycled paper as they are environment-friendly.

3. Fill Your Home With Roshnaai

What’s a festival if you don’t light up your home, right? It wards off darkness and surrounds you with positivity. Bring out the fairy lights, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps and go all out in lighting up your home. Turn all your DIY home decor ideas into reality, paint bottles and mason jars, and place lights and tea lights in some for the creative glow. Let your home shine!

4. Arrange Your Dining Table

Traditional home cooked delicacies are an integral part of any festival. Hence, quite a bit of attention will be on the dining table, isn’t it? So, why not extend your decorative ideas to the dining table as well. Spruce it up with spruce it up with innovative table mats, table linen, and coasters to add to the celebratory mood. 

5. Take Out Those Traditional Fabrics

Like you, let your furniture and home also adorn their traditional outfits!

It’s time to change your curtains, bed linen, table runners and furniture and pillow covers. Like you, let your furniture and home also adorn their traditional outfits! It’s time to set the mood for the festivities. Take out all the traditional fabrics that you have stacked away in your wardrobe because the best time to use them is now. Looking for some vibrance in your home decor? Here it is. 

6. Paint Your Walls

Gone are the days when you needed to call experts to get your walls painted. If you have the confidence, what better way to usher in the festivals by treating your walls to a fresh coat of paint all by yourself? That way, you can have more fun. You can even make it a fun activity for the family. With paints and tools readily available, often at arm’s length, gear up all your confidence and give wall painting a shot. You can paint to your heart’s content and not have to give instructions to experts and then crib when you don’t get the desired results.

7. Decorate With New Furniture

Festivals are often considered to be the best time to buy anything new. Why not furniture too? If you think that your furniture is too old and that it’s time to replace them, take time out before the festival to make an informed decision regarding your choice of furniture. Research well regarding the material of furniture that will suit your lifestyle, home decor, and your budget and go for it! Time to flaunt your new furniture, eh? 

Steps On How To Make Gudi At Home 

Now, let’s talk about how to make gudi for Gudi Padwa. Here are the steps on how to make gudi at home:

  1. Take a bamboo stick
  2. Tie a colourful silk scarf at the top end of the bamboo stick
  3. Tie mango flowers and neem leaves on top of the colourful scarf, along with sugar candy garland, also known as saakhar gaathi
  4. Balance an inverted silver or copper kalash on the bamboo stick to signify victory
  5. Hoist the gudi outside your house after performing puja
  6. Raise it beside the main entrance of your home and on the right side when you face the entrance. This is because the right side is believed to symbolise the active state of our soul. 
  7. Before placing the gudi, the relevant spot should be cleaned and decorated with rangoli and a swastika should be designed there
  8. Next, smear vermillion and turmeric on the swastika as an auspicious sign

Festivals are a time for families and friends to get together, celebrate, and wish each other well. It is the best time to usher in positive vibes into our lives, do more and #BeALittleMore. You have already learnt how to make gudi and how to decorate gudi. So, make the most of this time to decorate your home with families because they are all that matter.

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