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    9 Behtareen Feng Shui Ideas For Your Home—Cause Hume Chahiye Good Vibes Only!

    Feng Shui, which has its origin in ancient China, is a practice to develop environments that are in natural harmony with its surroundings. Striking a healthy balance between nature and the spaces where you live and work attracts luck, prosperity, abundance, health and all the good vibes that you want in your lives. It keeps stress at bay – stress that originates from your lives and those that are created when your surroundings are not rightly aligned with the energies around it.

    The idea that drives Feng Shui is that an auspicious ambiance should be created by determining the location where your house is situated and the way things have been placed inside it. Feng shui for home and the workplace help us make the most of the energies that surround you, and harness the positivity to the best of your abilities and in the best possible manner. Fancy a water fountain indoor Feng Shui or Feng Shui Buddha?

    On the occasion of Stress Awareness Month (April), let’s take a look at a host of positive energy Feng Shui items that you can select from to keep stress under control.

    10 Feng Shui Office Or Home Items, Their Benefits & Significance

    Here are some Feng Shui items for home and office that you can consider. #BeALittleMore and make a conscious effort to drive away stress from life and your surroundings.  

    1. Tortoise

    Tortoise, according to Feng Shui, is taken as one of the auspicious celestial animals. Tortoise Feng Shui represents the back side or north of your space – Feng Shui for home, or Feng Shui for office, or for any other space. This celestial animal stands for longevity, protection, support similar to the original animal that lives long, while its shell protects it from dangers. A stone tortoise Feng Shui, according to Feng Shui, is believed to ward off negative energies entering your space. It is recommended that it be placed near your front door or in the balcony, with its shell facing the negative energy. In case your home is sloping downwards at the back, a bronze tortoise Feng Shui can be placed to impact the support that it is lacking. 

    2. Dragon

    By far the most important animal in Feng Shui, it stands for power and wealth. No wonder, it always found its place at the court of Chinese emperors. This dragon, ideally of wood, should be placed in the east or the west; preferable to the west if this side is lower than the east and vice versa. This statue can be placed in the dining area, living area, or office space at Feng Shui house and never in bathrooms and closets.

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    3. Dragon Turtle

    The hybrid of two celestial creatures, the turtle and the dragon, has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle. It is believed that the dragon welcomes prosperity, while the tortoise drives away negative energies. This is especially recommended when you have hit a roadblock in your career or relationships. Ideally, the dragon turtle should be placed with its head facing away from you. 

    4. Chinese Guardian Lions

    Also referred to as Fu Dogs or Food Dogs in Chinese, the paired lions are especially found outside government buildings, homes of the rich, and temples. They were considered to be one of the Feng Shui items for good luck to emperors. They represent wealth and position in society. The counterpart in the pair typically has a globe under his right paw, signifying power and protection. In contrast, the female lion has a cub under her left paw, signifying a mother’s protective instincts. Teh Fu Dogs are generally placed outside the entrance to keep a watch on the front door. 

    5. Chinese Unicorn

    Also known as Qilin in Chinese, it ahass the head of a dragon and the body of a scaly fish. The dragon claws are replaced by hooves, while a lion’s tail replaces that of the reptile’s. It is believed that this statue can differentiate between the good and the evil. The statue with coins below its feet can usher in wealth. 

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    6. Three Legged Toads

    The harbinger of wealth and fortune, the statue should be placed on the floor as it is believed to be inauspicious. Instead, it should ideally be placed close to the front door of your home, and not opposite it, to attract the energy of wealth. In the most ideal scenario, Feng Shui experts believe that the three legged toad should be kept facing the inside of the house. 

    7. Horses

    Horses represent speed, strength, wealth, success, and nobility. For best results, it is recommended that you place this animal in the wealth area of your home. Also remember not to place them facing the door as it may drain away your wealth. Pictures of 5 or 8 horses are the most popular in Feng Shui. They should be in the running stance, so that they do not represent stangnancy in wealth. 

    8. Roosters

    It is believed that roosters should be placed outside the door of your home, facing away from the door. Rather than being considered as attractions of good energy, they are mostly seen as curers of evil energy. Ideally they should be placed facing pipes and cables as they are considered to be the source of bad energy. This Feng Shui item for peace at home is also believed that keeping the statue of the rooster in the living room or the peach blossom of your partner will prevent the chances of them having affairs. 

    9. Mandarin Ducks

    Mandarin ducks come in pairs like Qilin and Fu Dogs. Representing love, they can be used in the form of statues and paintings. This is believed to be especially beneficial for lovers staying far away from one another as the ducks help them overcome hurdles arising due to the distance.

    Additional Tips To Bring In Positive Energy Into Your Home

    Here are some additional tips to bring in some positive energy into your home:

    1. Activate Your Wealth Area

    When you stand at the main door of your home facing inside, the far left corner represents the wealth area. Placing green plants here is considered to be a good omen as they represent the wood element that stands for new beginnings and growth. Consider keeping good feng shui plants for front of house or your wealth area. Also, try adding a touch of the purple colour, like in the form of an amethyst crystal, as the wealth area is related to this colour. 

    2. Try A Feng Shui Money Plant

    Introducing a money plant in the wealth area is a great idea to invite wealth and prosperity. Jade plant and Pachira aquatica are some of the most ideal Feng Shui indoor plants that can be placed here as they represent abundance. 

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    3. Place A Money Frog

    The money frog is yet another statue that is believed to bring prosperity. It also stands for longevity and wisdom. Place it on a low surface but not on the floor for best results. Make sure that you keep your money frog clean at all times. 

    4. Paint The Front Door Red

    One of the most essential parts of your home, the front door attracts energies and opportunities for you. Hence, colouring the front door red, which is an auspicious colour as per Feng Shui, makes your home look inviting. This welcomes positive energy and attention into your home.

    5. Introduce Citrine Crystals

    Citrine is considered to be a bringer of opportunities and abundance, apart from encouraging optimism. Place this in your wealth area or on your work desk to inculcate a sense of self-worth and confidence, which in turn boosts opportunities and abundance. Looking forward to keeping Feng Shui items for good luck? You can think of getting this one. 

    Water fountain indoor Feng Shui and Feng Shui Buddha are some of the most common home decor items that we find at homes and offices today. Experiment with some of the items that we have enlisted in the article here and see what works as your good luck charm. Now that you have read about the various Feng Shui ideas, tips and their benefits, get some clarity about what you seek from this ancient science. Once you have done that, you are all ready to get started. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below about which of these tips did you get started with. 

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