The List11 Secrets Of Face Reading That Can Reveal Your Future

11 Secrets Of Face Reading That Can Reveal Your Future

Your face can say a lot of things about you, your future, and your personality. The Chinese believe that the face is a reflection of your inner spirit. Face reading astrology is not a new art. It has its roots in ancient history and has been popular since the time of Aristotle. There was an era when people found employment after their faces were read and interpreted thoroughly. 

In collaboration with The Channel 46, Dr Karishma Shetty, Founder of Psychic Temples, unravels the secrets of face reading and enlightens you about what it can foretell about your future. 

1. Relationship With Your Parents

The position of your forehead can reveal a lot about the relationship that you share with your parents. If that area is smooth and bright, it signifies that your parents are healthy and wealthy and that they had a beautiful childhood. If that area is dull or the skin is dark, it implies that your parents have experienced trouble during their childhood.

2. Career & Success

A position above your eyebrows is significant for speaking volumes about your success and career. If it is smooth and rounded, it means that you will have a good career and that you will achieve early success. If that area is dark and hollow, it means you won’t see success before the age of 25, even if you are intelligent.

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3. Personality Traits

If the space between your eyebrows is less, it represents friendly and optimistic personality traits. If the gap is wide, it means you will earn good money and enjoy a long life. Unibrows may mean that you are full of arrogance and negativity.

4. Your Love Life

Bulging and rounded region below your eyes imply that you are very emotional and sensitive. You easily fall in love and give your partner your all. If you have wrinkles or roughness below the eyes, it means that you usually fail in love due to selfishness or overindulgence.

5. Your Old Age

One can understand your old life by seeing your chin area. If it is strong, rounded, and spacious, it means happiness after the age of 60. It if is low and dark, it means unhappy and lonely old age.

6. Trustworthiness Of A Person

If a person has a round bubbly face like a small baby, then you will be known for their caring and sensitive nature. They are one of the best people for those who want to get into a long and healthy relationship. Square-faced people can be aggressive and difficult to handle.

7. The Character Of A Person

Often your jawline says a lot about your character. A person with a strong jawline can be very stubborn. In contrast, a person with a weak jawline can be very gullible, one who gets influenced easily. A wide jawline person will be competitive and cannot handle failure.

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8. Nature Of A Person

To find out about a person’s nature, do check their ears. A person with small ears will be well-mannered and loveable. If your ears are too small, you probably are shy and reserved by nature. A medium-eared person will be full of energy. A big ear person will be rude and over-materialistic.

9. Behaviour With Other People

Eyebrows can say a lot about a person’s judgement of other people. A curved-eyebrowed person understands what people try to say and is a people’s person. The person with straight eyebrows is direct and logical. They can be often mistaken for their direct behaviour. They have impeccable analytical abilities and believe in facts and logic. If your eyebrows are high, you are likely to be selective and very observant about everything around you.

10. Focus On Life

Eyes determine your focus in life. People with closely shaped eyes are usually queens of accuracy. They see things minutely. They can be excellent at proofreading, and accountancy. If a person’s eyes are widely shaped, the person is likely to be dreamy and does not care about small things in life. They are more futuristic.

11. Person’s Pride

The nose is often known as a person’s pride. Someone with a sharp and straight nose shows patience, kindness, and elegance. They can be cold and indifferent. If the person’s nose tip is bent, it means the person is dominating by nature. They take pride in who they are. A person with a snub and a round nose are people with high goals and are loveable. One cannot remain angry with them.

Now you know how to read a person’s face using these amazing secrets. Well, these are small tips that can help you make decisions in life. Do take professional help if you want to make some serious decisions in your life.

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