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10 Best Non-Stick Cookware & Kitchen Appliances For Couples To Get Healthy Together

Central to any modern home, millennial couples need just two things to set up their kitchen. One is a range of non-stick cookware to stir up oil-free meals. And two, kitchen gadgets and appliances that make the process of cooking quick, easy, and super simple. 

Together, they take the guesswork out of cooking time. They also make the kitchen a more gender-neutral space for busy new-age couples who share the burden of cooking, equally. 

Besides, many studies report that couples who cook together, stay together. On that note, here are our top favourite picks for the new-age Wonderchef couple who are trying to eat healthier while keeping up with their hectic schedules. 

1. 5-Piece Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set

If purple is your colour, then the Royal Velvet Range from Wonderchef is a clear winner. It includes a frying pan, a wok, a dosa tawa, a mini fry pan, and a lid topper that can be used to steam cook your meal. Stunning and modern looking, the cookware set is a great addition for when the two of you are setting up your new kitchen together.

Features We Love: While the MetaTuff 5-layer non-stick coating allows for an even distribution of heat, the marble finish on the outside adds to the visual appeal of the cookware set. The pans also have an induction bottom lined with virgin-grade aluminium. Cooking aficionados would probably know that the use of virgin aluminium ensures that the cookware set does not contain any impurities at all. Quite the quality set of pans for a couple that’s looking to focus on their health together.

Price: Rs 6,000 Rs 3,299

Buy Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set

2. 4-Piece Granite Non-Stick Cookware Set 

If you have no use for a ‘mini’ frying pan, pick this set instead of the Royal Velvet Non-Stick one. It includes all the same appliances, minus the mini. So, that’s the large frying pan, a wok, a dosa tawa, and a lid topper for steam cooking your meal. Right from sauteeing your veggies in the pan or tossing your one-bowl meals in the wok to making light, fluffy rotis or dosa on the tawa, the cookware set is the picture of health.

Features We Love: The cookware range ticks off all the checkboxes. It is designed with pure-grade virgin aluminium—an efficient conductor of heat. The pans have a MetaTuff 5-layer non-stick coating that won’t peel off, they have ergonomic soft-touch handles, and they’re compatible with all cooking surfaces. Hate the part at the end of the meal when you need to wash and clean up? Busy couples will appreciate how easily oil and food residue washes off these pans.

Price: Rs 6,200 Rs 3,699

Buy Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Cookware Set

3. Forza Cast-Iron Fry Pan & Dosa Tawa

If you’re the kind of couple that relishes flavourful Indian curries with roti, then this duo of a cast-iron frying pan and tawa are the perfect match for you. What’s more, cast iron is great if you’re looking to invest in highly durable cookware that will hold up in the long run.

Features We Love: What you must know is that despite being based on cast iron, this duo is quite lightweight. They both come pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. This means the food you’re cooking comes in direct contact with the iron, and the cookware imparts iron ions that are healthy for your body—bet you didn’t know about this hidden health bonus! After cooking, wash the cookware with water & soap. And then just wipe it down with vegetable oil for safe storage and, ta-da, that’s enough to keep your pans rust-free.

Price: Rs 2,000 Rs 1,399

Buy Forza Cast-Iron Dosa Tawa

Price: Rs 2,000 Rs 1,599

Buy Forza Cast-Iron Fry Pan

4. Nutri-Blend 400W 2 Jars (Black)

Healthy couples know that nothing beats a good blender to whip up your favourite shakes and smoothies. This Mixer-Grinder and Blender comes with 2 jars of different sizes and is such a hot favourite, that it practically flies off the shelves. Health drinks, oatmeal bowls, soups, batters… the convenience alone is reason enough to buy this multi-utility appliance. You can go the whole hog and buy the additional chopper, juicer and food processor attachments to get even more use from your Nutri-Blend.

Features We Love: The jars are unbreakable and purposefully transparent so that you can see when your food is blended to your preferred texture. The power-packed high-speed 22,000 RPM motor is almost twice that of normal mixer grinders, and breaks down the ingredients to the exact consistency that you want, without diluting valuable nutrients. A maximum of 30 seconds is all you need to get your food down to a super fine texture. And that’s not all. The hands-free feature is perfect for busy couples who want to go about completing other chores while the blender does its job.

Price: Rs 5,300 Rs 3,699

Buy Nutri-blend, 400W, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder, Blender

5. Cold Press Juicer V6

Cold press juices are having their moment in the realm of healthy eating. Perfect to supercharge your day, they help you extract fresh juices while still keeping the nutrients and fibre content intact. And that’s why we’re loving the Cold Press Juicer V6 from Wonderchef. It’s useful, good-looking, and a novel appliance we doubt you already have in your kitchen. It’s just the companion a health-focused couple needs.

Features We Love: With cold press technology, the juicer grinds your ingredients to a pulp without generating heat. This means that though the durable juicer operates at 43 RPM, it still ensures that the essential vitamins, minerals, and original flavour of the fruits and vegetables remain intact. Also, the gentle grinding action churns out 50% more juice than other juicers. Right from fruits and vegetables to nuts and even beans—this juicer can juice it all! 

Price: Rs 29,800 Rs 20,999

Buy Cold Press Juicer V6

6. Crimson Edge Air Fryer Oven 23L

Love a golden crisp texture that baked and fried foods have but don’t want the calories? You need this air fryer oven today! It comes with a baking tray, crumb tray, rotisserie, and fry basket, among others. This means you can enjoy cheat meals like kachoris, samosas, french fries, fried chicken, manchurians, baked goodies and so many other treats, absolutely guilt-free.

Features We Love: The two-in-one design gives you the convenience of an air fryer and an oven in one appliance. Yes, you read that right! The 360-degree circulation enables this appliance to evenly distribute the heat and cook your food to perfection. A homeowner’s dream, the 23L capacity is big enough for you to be able to cook larger portions if you have family or guests over.

Price: Rs 19,000 Rs 14,999

Buy Crimson Edge Air Fryer Oven 23L

7. Automatic Soup Maker 1.6L 

Soups and salads are very obvious additions when you’re trying to eat healthily. However, making the perfect soup does require technique—texture, taste, the balance of flavours, and cooking time. Well, this 1.6L Automatic Soup Maker from Wonderchef takes a lot of the guesswork out when you’re making soup. It heats, boils, blends and stirs up healthy restaurant-quality soups for you within 20 minutes. 

Features We Love: The soup maker is made with a high-quality 304-grade stainless steel jug and a lid topper with stainless steel blades. What’s more, the technology with which this soup maker is designed ensures that it retains the fibres of your favourite veggies to make your soup more nutritious while also pureeing it down to the right consistency. It blends, boils, heats, and mixes not only adult food but can whip up delicious compotes for your child too. Lastly, the one-touch operation makes it such an easy-to-use appliance.

Price: Rs 11,200 Rs 8,999

Buy Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker 1.6L

8. Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Family Size Plus

Kebab, tikkas, grills… all healthy and mouth-watering options because of the smokey flavour that comes from the tandoor they’re cooked in. And that’s why you need this appliance. The non-stick coated tandoor comprises a 180-degree grill and oil-collector tray and is large enough to cook for a family. Being able to make restaurant-style kebabs at home is surely going to make eating healthy so much easier.

Features We Love: The quality PFOA-free and non-stick coating of this tandoor help you easily whip up oil-free snacks like tikkas, kebabs, burger patties, and sandwiches. The oil collector drains excess oil, while the 180-degree operation grills both sides of your food at a surprisingly fast speed. The thermostat control maintains the accurate temperature, preventing overheating and overcooking. And, just like that, you and your partner are sorted for some healthy yet delicious meals and snacks that you would’ve otherwise been ordering out.

Price: Rs 6,500 Rs 4,999

Buy Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Family Size Plus

9. Nutri-Pot Electric Pressure Cooker with 7-In-1 Functions, 6L

If you’re looking to get the most out of your money, nothing beats the black Nutri-Pot Electric Pressure Cooker. This 7-in-1 appliance includes a pressure cooker, sauté/fry pan, slow cooker, yoghurt maker, steamer, warmer, and rice cooker. It caters to a range of healthy preparation and cooking needs and its one-touch button with 18 pre-set functions makes it foolproof for even beginners in the kitchen.

Features We Love: The fabricated anodised aluminium pot locks nutrition in your meals and cooks your food evenly. It has a Delay Timer feature that enables you to program the pressure cooker to a time of your convenience so that your food gets prepared right on time and you don’t have to heat it before eating. Also, the cooker is easy to clean due to its smart construction and detachable accessories. 

Price: Rs 11,000 Rs 8,299

Buy Nutri-Pot Electric Pressure Cooker with 7-in-1 Functions, 6L

10. Ebony Deep Fry Pan With Lid

Why would you need a deep fry pan if you’re eating healthy, you may wonder? Well, this fry pan with its hard anodised coating can alternatively be used to steam cook or slow cook your food to perfection. The Ebony Deep Fry Pan comes with a lid and wooden handles. The understated grey colour of the cookware adds to the aesthetic appeal of the pan.

Features We Love: The coated frying pan is non-toxic as well as stain and corrosion-resistant. This keeps your cookware from reacting with food, enabling it to retain its natural flavours. The metal spatula-friendly cookware is coated with pure-grade virgin aluminium that enables quick cooking by conducting heat nine times faster than recycled aluminium. 

Price: Rs 1,800 Rs 1,399

Buy Ebony Deep Fry Pan with Lid

Getting healthy is 70% about diet and nutrition, and 30% about exercise. With these recommendations, your health journey is off to a great start. Even newbies in the kitchen will feel relaxed and at ease when cooking with these smart appliances, which hopefully will make meal preparation a more gratifying and bonding experience for you as a couple.

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